First Step to Prepare for Another Rough Hudson Valley Winter!

Summer was here and gone already?!? This year I had a bumper crop of tomatoes so with some successes and some failures, I have hoarded most of my bounty for myself.  Tomatoes that I dried in a gas oven with a pilot light spoiled by the third day so I had to start over.  Tomatoes cut in quarters placed on parchment paper (or brown paper) on a cookie pan and put in a 150 degree oven for 8-10 hours gave me two mason jars full of winter meals. Pasta with dried tomatoes and basil. Yum.  I also canned my own tomato sauce with basil and garlic, and I pureed some tomatoes with garlic basil and olive oil then froze it in ice cube trays to add flavor to stews.  The easiest is rinsing and slicing tomatoes then just tossing them in a freezer bag. They are some of a few veggies that don’t need blanching before freezing. I got twelve plants this summer as a mother’s day gift which provided me with fresh sandwiches and salads plus three dozen tasty meals. With another rough, cold and snowy Hudson Valley winter predicted, I will take any savings I can get.


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